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Customized design and individualized production creates unique, entertaining and awe-inspiring executions every time.  These ideals have become the cornerstone of who B A S H is today.  Each venue and activation site is treated as a brand-new canvas and we strive to create an original work of art for each and every client. This mentality has kept us one step ahead of our competitors. By also pushing the envelope, driving brand awareness, using a great deal of imagination and creating the impossible keeps

B A S H at the forefront of the industry.

As we have grown through the years, we have added many production aspects to our in-house design services.  Originally just starting as creative, design and execution, we have grown to encompass brand activation, prop fabrication, pop up shops, marketing & promotions and event talent & staffing.


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Event Production & Management

B A S H is your one-stop shop for all things event management and production. Each and every production & event is treated as its own unique work of art. We are there from construction through tear-down of your event to ensure your vision is executed flawlessly!


Brand Activation & Experiential

We know what it takes to create a highly impactful brand experience, one that delivers ingenuity and passion. We help empower brands through creative concepting and inspiring stories that captivate target audiences. We do this with content that is creative, original, thought provoking, and effective. It will be an experience that entertains your demographic no matter where they happen to be.


Creative Concepts & Event Development

Customized design and individualized production creates unique, entertaining and awe-inspiring events every time.  These ideals have become the cornerstone of who B A S H is today.  Let us brainstorm an artful masterpiece and paint the picture of your next experiential event!


Pop Up Shop

Pop up events are a powerful combination of expected and unexpected. Through transforming unique spaces, we have the real power in building brand awareness and impressing a new audience. By partnering with your brand, we will create a serendipitous event that will be creative and socially engage the masses.  

Brand Activation &


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Prop Fabrication &

Prop Rental


Themed Backdrops & Balloons


Custom Costume Creation

Our avant-garde approach to design has helped us excel in creating unique costumes for our client’s events. Our passion for creations has given us the edge above the rest in creating theatrical and out of this world looks. Let us create your vision and help you entertain your guest.


Event Decor &

Creative Assets

Event Production & Management

From embellishing ballrooms to garnishing parking garages, we have transformed any and all spaces through the power of decor and design! Our artful masterpieces will astound your guests with the power of ambiance and style. Our creative brains are ready to paint a picture for you & create the event of your dreams.

B A S H is a firm believer in, “Everything you can imagine is Real.”- Pablo Picasso  We are the masters in the imaginary and have created props which can elevate your event. We have an extensive prop inventory for you to view or our team can help you create your vision with a one-of-a-kind piece.  If you think it, we can build it!  

Brand Activation & Experiential

Creative Concepts & Event Development

What is an event without a picture-perfect moment or visionary vignette?  We will dress up your next baby shower, wedding, conference, activation or concert. Our backdrops will frame your event and have everyone stopping for a selfie #NoFilter!

Virtual Event Management & Webinars

Even Prod/ Creative Concept
Brand Act/ Pop Up
Event Dec/ Custom Costum
Prop Fab/ Themed
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Logistics & Strategy

B A S H’s trademark has always been to think outside of the box and imaginative problem solving. This allows us to excel and identify your event productions needs and help create a clear plan to achieve them. By taking unique approaches and using our trademark tactics, we know where there is a will, there’s always a way. 


Virtual Events &


Today, experiences are delivered in many formats. Let B A S H help you with these progressive technologies & multimedia experience to achieve your objectives. We can assist with your virtual event, help broadcast, and ensure your virtual event goes off with out a glitch! 


Promotions & Guerrilla Marketing

We know every event requires unique promotion and nobody does innovative and creative quite like B A S H! Our style relies heavily on unconventional marketing strategy, high energy, and imagination. We will customize a marketing plan that best suits your needs and impact your target audience.


Event Talent &


Need help? We are on it! We can staff your events or production crew, so you have one less thing to worry about! We have curated an expert contact list that ranges from caterers, bartenders, and servers to security, drivers, and manual labor. Need a party host, model or actor? Just remember, #ItsWhatWedo! 

Logistics / Promo
Virtual Event / Talent
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Years Hosting All Types of Events

Custom Costume Creations in the last 7 years

Models, Brand Ambassadors & Performers in 2019 alone

Life Sized Rhinoceros 

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