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Case Studies

Allstate Insurance

Allstate Insurance

Juice For Good Activation

Aspen, CO & Chicago, IL

Each of the last 4 years, we have produced an experiential type of
activation for Allstate Insurance, in conjunction with the Aspen Ideas Festival, in Aspen, CO.


This project exemplifies the creative nature of our brand activations and thinking outside of the box. This particular client ask was highly logistical and heavy on production value, all while in an extremely remote location.  Production items had to be created in advance and all shipped in, due to the limited assets locally.


We branded a juice truck with targeted messaging and also a variety of juice bottles that conveyed Allstate's philanthropic endeavors. Each flavor was carefully chose and specially manufactured just for this event.


Between 6000-7000 people pass through our Aspen activation site each
summer and we have also executed this same concept in Chicago; where 19,000 consumers experienced our activation in 4 days, during Chicago Ideas Week 2016.

Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett

Annual Awards & Holiday Party

10 Consecutive Years Producing 

We have co-produced this particular event, with Leo Burnett, for 10 consecutive years running.  This annual carnival of chaos holds a special place in our heart as this particular production is always heavy on creative concepting, elaborate décor,  contains a wide variety of theatrical lighting and sound elements as well as spectacular effects.  

Stage production is always the highlight with as many as 10 DJ's spinning, 4 bands thumping and multiple live performance artists entertaining the crowd at any given moment!  The fun just keeps coming and coming!

The guests are always amazed and mesmerized as we threw one performance after another their way. Everything from Oversized Evil Clowns on Stilts to Grinder Girls and Chainsaw Jugglers...9 different DJ’s...including DJ Jazzy Jeff himself! 80 Artists and performers in all!


Dibs Activation             

4 Locations in 5 Days

Various Sites Throughout Chicago

Edelman PR asked us to partner with them and execute a unique “Dibs Street Art Project” for their client Car2Go.  We were responsible for everything from A-Z; which included location scouting and securing locations, working with the city on permitting and regulations, executing the client's vision, prop fabrication, supplying staff, artists and brand ambassadors, consumer engagement and making sure the clients messaging was conveyed to passersby’s. 


In 1 week, activate in 5 different Chicago locations, build completely different 15-foot-high art installations each day and in 4 hours.  Then deconstruct it, load up all of the assets and ship it off to the next location, to start all over again the following day. Estimated  attendance was 25,000.